A Times of India Interview with the CEO, Goldman Sachs

Written by Aswin

Aswin Thotapalli is a postgraduate in Computer Science Engineering, specializing in networking and security. He is passionate about Blockchain Technology. Aswin Thotapalli is the Director (Technology) at Caerulean Bytechains Pvt. Ltd leading the Technology functions.


A Times of India Interview with the CEO, Goldman Sachs

This is an interesting interview of the CEO of Goldman Sachs. I wanted to highlight his quote regarding Blockchain
“What role and influence do you see for crypto in traditional financial services? There was a lot of reporting about your supposed meeting with Sam Bankman-Fried in the Caribbean in March for possibly forging closer ties with the bank. Do you see crypto as an alternate currency or an asset class?
I’m more focused on the technology infrastructure than I am on cryptocurrencies, which I don’t see a use case for as a currency and feel are extremely speculative. By regulation, we can’t be in the custody business. How these underlying technologies will allow us to innovate and take friction out of a whole variety of processes in the financial markets is my primary interest in the underlying technology of blockchain. Such digital disruption has a real significance. It’s going to benefit everyone from individual customers to big institutions, and we’re trying to be at the forefront and making sure we are well-positioned. A great example is our transaction banking business. It’s using digital technology where traditionally it’s always been done on an analog basis. There is a great deal of innovation and disruption coming.”

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